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By | August 5, 2017

Hair Extensions to Choose From It is every girl’s wish to look and feel beautiful and one of the most defining features of beauty is the woman’s crown or their hair and everyone wants to achieve beautiful long hair. Nowadays, you can achieve the kind of hair you want through the use of hair extensions. In today’s market, you will be able to see different types of hair extensions and there are also different ways to put it on so that no matter how long or short your hair is, you will get the best possible hair extension service. You can find two different types of materials used for hair extensions: synthetic hair and real human hair extensions. The main difference between the two is that real human hair extensions are more durable than synthetic ones, this is to be expected since synthetic hair is cheaper and have a silicon coat to give it a shinier look. This article shows you the most common types of hair extensions and how to wash, shampoo, condition and dry each one of them.
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Tape-in Extensions This is probably the easiest type of hair extension to use, thus making it the most popular type in the market. These extensions are glued to your natural hair with the use of heat and with proper care, it can last for several months.
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In order to avoid the extensions from slipping, it is recommended to avoid using heavy conditioning products. Clip-on Extensions If you are going to a party and want to have extra long and voluminous hair, you can easily pop on these temporary clip-on hair extensions and you are ready to go. These clip-on hair extensions come in a variety of color, texture and length and are easily attached anywhere on your head. Micro-link Hair Extensions These micro-link or micro-bead extensions are applied around your natural hair using a metal bead, hence they can last for a few months with proper care. You can also adjust the length of the extensions by moving the beads up and down through your hair. You should avoid getting conditioner near the beads to prevent it from slipping off. Weft Hair Extensions It is also possible to have weaved hair and still have extensions, using stitching. You can choose to have them hand wefted where they are closer to the head and machine wefted where they are closer to the tips of the hair. While most hair types can handle weft extensions, those with very weak hair may need to choose a different method. Fusion Extensions While this is the most expensive type of hair extension, this hardly needs any maintenance after it has been installed. The hair extensions are bonded/fused to each hair strand using keratin and a hot tool and the process can take up to several hours. These are expected to last for four to five months or longer if taken care of properly.