Breaking Into the World of Salesforce Development as an Accomplished Engineer

By | July 11, 2017

Salesforce has been a major force among enterprise-scale organizations for many years now, and it is only becoming even more entrenched. In fact, a relatively new commitment to flexibility and openness seems to presage what could be an even more central role for the platform, in many cases, in the future. As a result, quite a few companies are looking to take the value they derive from their own usage of Salesforce to even higher levels. Quite often, this means hiring developers who can leverage the platform to create customized applications that suit a given organization’s needs as closely as possible.

Even for skilled developers, though, breaking into this lucrative realm of business can be difficult to do. Although Salesforce is truly dominant, it is a technology that is not necessarily easy to become professionally involved with. Most who become conversant in the platform likely work their way up through a succession of specialized roles, the entry point to which often begins right out of college. Developers who have advanced their skills in other silos therefore sometimes find themselves watching the ongoing Salesforce boom with feelings of envy and helplessness.

In practice, though, there are effective ways of making an entry. Most companies will be happy to hire developers whose resumes display a real breadth and depth of experiences, so long as they can be confident that enough Salesforce-specific skills are in place to merit the acquisition. For developers who make the effort to obtain a respected certification that verifies such assets, it therefore often takes very little to break through.

As those who seek out details online will see, acquiring this kind of certification also does not need to be difficult. Experienced developers will discover that becoming conversant in the API and its various technologies will feel little different from coming up to speed with any similar modern framework. While plenty of studying and experience will normally be required in order to be able to demonstrate a sufficiently high level of competence, none of this will phase the average experienced developer. As a result, even those developers who have not yet done anything professionally with Salesforce can find it fairly easy to change that in short order.