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By | June 21, 2017

Projection Mapped Cake: Creating the Best and Memorable Cake for Your Special Occasion

One of the most essential elements in every type of special occasion such as wedding and birthdays are cakes. The cake is also known to be the most greatest highlight of the party or special event as well. A birthday or a wedding will not be completed without having the cake cutting affair, and it is mostly because it is generally our tradition already. It is also best that we make sure that the cake we will be getting is the most ideal and perfect cake for the type of occasion that we are having. Luckily for us, cakes in this current day and age are significantly improving in terms of their taste, texture and appearance, and this is all thanks to the wonderful chefs and bakers all over the world.

But that is not all, mostly because of the fact that cakes in this current present day can now be made into a magically fantastic cake that can not only become your best entertainment to your party but will make your guess and family appreciate and love the memorable experience as well. And this is mostly all thanks to the projection mapping technology system. The projection mapping technology system is mainly used to make 3D objects and shapes be displayed on a surface with the help of a video projector.

In the terms of projection mapped on cakes, the cake itself will become the surface for projecting the mapped 3D objects, videos and shapes. The type of cake that is usually used for projection mapped cake are generally cakes that have a much clearer surface, and the main reason as to why they use a cake that have a better surface is that it is generally difficult to project any object most especially videos on a rough surface type cake.
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Even though it is indeed relatively difficult to make use of a cake that have a rougher surface with projection mapping technology, it can still be made possible with the help of a more professional video mapper. Implementing projection mapping to cakes has been getting more and more popular throughout the years. A lot of people who are having a special party celebration soon would be more happy to have projected mapping cakes, most especially kids on their birthday and wives to be as well, mostly because of the fact that projecting mapped cakes will make it possible for them to not only display some of their desired videos and even their favorite characters, but they will also be able to tell their story onto the projection mapping cakes as well. Do not worry, the projection mapped cake is still going to be edible.What I Can Teach You About Resources